What are you doing this summer? Many teenagers go to camp after ninth grade and Israel after tenth grade, though this has become increasingly challenging in this economic environment. There are no natural choices after eleventh and twelfth grades. With only two months of school ahead of us, it's important that teenagers are creating the structure for their summers now.         Read More

What's On Your Family's Bumper Sticker?

World-renowned adolescent expert Dr. David Pelcovitz says that every family has its bumper sticker- a message it gives its children about what is most important in life.                          Read More

Teenagers & Cellphones: A Match Made in ______?

In this post 9/11 era, many parents believe that the cellphone insures the safety of their children, by keeping them just a speed dial button away. Focusing on the frightful image of a child's car going off the road and no one there to save them, I believe that most parents are oblivious to the many dangers that the cellphone presents to their children.                           Read More

Harnessing Teenagers' Boundless Abilities

 There was a great West Wing episode (note to students: West Wing was a television program before LCD, HD and 3D TV) where a bunch of kids met with Toby Ziegler about children’s rights to vote. That show's demographic (which included very few teenagers) no doubt found it comical.      Read More

Are We Overprogramming Teenagers?

Being a teenager today means juggling multiple AP courses, sports, academic, extracurriculars, drama, participation in tournaments, and a serious commitment to community service while texting, Googling, answering e-mails and talking on the cellphone at the same time.                 Read More

Do We Want Our Children To Make Aliyah?

We have chosen to live in America. Ability to make a living, connection to our family, familiarity with our surroundings, or just plain inertia. However, Aliyah is now in the air. Are we ideologically and emotionally prepared for our children to make their home in a different country?        Read More