Largest Freshman Class Ever!

It is truly amazing that the Class of 2013 is 57% larger than any that preceded it. Combined with our best retention rate yet, the WYHS student body of 242 is 15% larger than it was last year!     Read More

We Have Something Really Special

"Rabbi", said a doctoral student studying religious mindfulness in Jewish high schools, "I've been to six other yeshiva high schools, and we haven't done that. Why is it necessary to meet with faculty and students?"  I explained to him that WYHS is different.      Read More

Everyone's Studying WYHS

Researchers want to understand what makes WYHS tick. Our school's unique personality of a "summer camp with AP courses" and its uncommon mandate of serving the spectrum of people who desire a Religious Zionist, college preparatory education attracts people who study Jewish education.    Read More 

The Good Ole Days

Does the energy and enthusiasm that pervaded the school in its early years still infuse our students' experience in our second decade, even though we have fifty students per grade? The answer is a resounding "yes."      Read More

We've Got to Build!

41, 65, 99, 122, 148, 153, 173, 185, 199, 211, to our present student body of 243. There's clearly a pattern here! Our school is growing rapidly.       Read More

Why I'm Stepping Down As Principal

It's been ten years. It's time for a change.  Having started the school, I have had the privilege of doing it all- designing every aspect of the WYHS experience. You name it- curriculum, calendar, chagigot, cocurriculars- that's just the letter "c".  It's been a great ride.                      Read More