WYHS II- Jewish Educational Insights

Is WYHS Too Religious (Or Not Religious Enough)?

Dress code, separation between boys and girls, girls Judaic curriculum and which Israel schools are popular. These are the bell weather Jewish education issues by which people judge where a yeshiva high school fits on the spectrum.  Why isn't WYHS just like Frisch or Kushner, Bruriah or MTA, Ma'ayanot or TABC on each of these issues?                                              Read More

Where Does WYHS Go From Here?

On Memorial Day Weekend 1995, I stepped down from my position running the youth organization which I had joined 18 years before as a ninth grader. I remember feeling a strange mix of accomplishment, nostalgia and uncertainty. My whole life revolved around New Jersey Senior NCSY. It is there I became observant, met my wife, and found my life’s mission. I couldn’t imagine then that I would find a cause that would mean as much to me.                                 Read More

All About Philosophy

Our school's mission and educational philosophy comes through loud and clear in our unique Graduation, post graduation Senior Trip, and Annual Dinner, all three of which are celebrated in this Special Edition Yeshiva Highlites.
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My Farewell to WYHS

17 years ago this month I stepped down from my position in an organization that I had been involved for 18 years. My choice to replace me was a young married fellow who was frankly not the heir apparent- Shimmie Kaminetsky.       Read More

We Are a Victim of Our Own Success

“Your” school, our school, is facing a crisis. We are a victim of our own success. We have run out of room. Most periods, we use every classroom. Next year we will enroll 20-25 more students. Possibly a fourth ninth grade. The year after, a class that maybe as large as 75 freshmen. Four classes of 75 students each adds up to 300 students, a school that is 50% larger than our present school. That certainly could be a reality well before the school celebrates its second decade of existence. .   Read More

Who Deserves All the Credit

I have tried to be all about "business as usual" since I announced that I was taking leave of WYHS. The show must go on, and show isn't (and certainly won't be) about me.      Read More